Access with pets

Thanks to your feedback and our dedication to making your SOFIA ZOO EXPO experience unique, we are pleased to announce that we welcome all four-legged members of your families to the event!

Your best experience
at SOFIA ZOO EXPO is our priority

in order to be able to guarantee this, we ask you to comply with the following conditions and recommendations:

Vaccinated and healthy dogs

Make sure your dog is up to date on all legally required vaccinations to protect both his health and the health of those around him.

Hall hygiene

If necessary, we ask that you clean up after your pet if they defecate or urinate on the event grounds. For this purpose, there will be specially marked places on the territory of the event.

Muzzle and safety

If your dog weighs more than 10 kg, please make sure that it uses a suitable muzzle on the territory of Hall 5 and the adjacent outdoor areas of SOFIA ZOO EXPO.


Given the density of the exhibition area, we ask you to use a short lead for small dogs (under 10 kg) not exceeding – 1 m, for medium and large dogs (over 10 kg) – 50 cm on the territory of Hall 5 and the adjacent open areas of SOFIA ZOO EXPO .

Declaration for a pet

Every owner who comes with their dog MUST sign a declaration, which you can download down this page, print and fill out. This will also be possible on site on the days of the event.

* If necessary, the organizer can limit the number of dogs allowed in the hall. At the entrance, there will be a specially organized waiting area (in case it is necessary) like a Food Corner, where we will try to keep the owners and their dogs from getting bored!

Declaration for visiting with a pet, you can download here or fill in on the spot on the days of the event:

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